“For I am not yet called to die; yet my experience and observation of others lead me to believe that very remarkable grace is often given to believers in their last hours. I have seen the timid become more strong than the brave, I have seen the retiring become more bold than the courageous; and I have known some, who seemed to be almost dumb before, speak with matchless utterance; and some, whose faces have been lit up with supernatural joy who before appeared to be amongst the doubting and the trembling ones of Christ’s family. There are choice revelations, special manifestations, nearer approaches to Christ, wider outlets of love from him, and greater inlets into the soul of the brightness of his presence, in those times, than ever before. When the body is strong, it often seems like a thick wall that shuts out the light; but when disease comes and shakes the tenement, it makes great rifts in wall and roof, and through those rifts the light comes streaming in as it had never come in before. I never can doubt the truth of our holy faith, or the reality of religion, after what I have witnessed at the deathbeds of the Lord’s people.”

Charles Spurgeon


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