Sunday Meditation – Practical Atheism

“We are distracted by practical atheism. We have little sense of the unseen world of spirits. Things we see have a greater force upon us than the true God who is Spirit and invisible power. He is far off from our sight and apprehension. Lust rooted in us will also distract us when we go about any duty. The covetous man about the world, the fleshly about his pleasures, and the ambitious about his honours, will surely draw away our attention. Fancy and curiosity offered us by the senses or memory, will be an occasion for diversion. Sharp worries will hinder our faith and draw away our attention from prayer. We must be like priests, who went on with their sacrifices as the Roman troops broke into Jerusalem. All others fled this way and that, but the priests, as if they heard nothing, continued preferring their duty before safety as Rome rushed in on them with their swords.”

Thomas Manton


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