Sunday Meditation – Trusting God in Times of Prosperity

“We should carefully trust God in times of prosperity. When we sit under the warm beams of a meridian sun, wash our steps in butter, and our feet in oil, when the candle of the Lord shines on our tabernacle and our lines have fallen out in pleasant places, now is the time to trust in our God. It requires the utmost of faith’s skill to steer the soul handsomely in this serene calm. Faith must fix its eyes on God, the fountain of all its enjoyments. Faith acknowledges every good gift is from above. Since all my enjoyments are of him, all should be to his praise and glory, and faith must willingly surrender them at God’s call. If he sees fit to call in his debts, we must submit to his sovereignty. A gracious heart is pleased to spend its worldly goods for Christ. Mary’s ointment could never have been carried to a better market than it was, when poured so freely on her dear Saviour’s head. A believer’s enjoyments are never so great or precious that they cannot be thrown overboard rather than hazard the wreck of faith or a good conscience (1 Tim. 1:19). These outward enjoyments are sweet, but God, the author of them is infinitely more sweet. I can smile when my corn and wine increase, but alas, without the enjoyment of God, it is nothing. Indeed, what are these to his person and presence? O the light of his countenance! With Esau we might say in these blessings, we have much; but give me him, and with Jacob, I have all. In him are fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore. Only he can satisfy; he is my all-sufficient portion. He is my sun and shield, root and branch, foundation and corner stone, and my sword and shield. He only can answer all my desires and necessities. He is my God, my portion, and my all.”

Thomas Lye


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