Sunday Meditation – Holy Trust

“Holy trust is an act of worship proper and peculiar to a holy God. Nothing in creation can share in it, for it would become our idol. Trust in God takes us off the hinges of all other confidences. We cannot trust God and mammon. There must be but one string to the bow of our trust, and that is the Lord. More particularly, we must not repose a holy trust in anything besides God, whether within us, or without us. We cannot lean on our own understanding, it will lead us into a bog (Prov 3:5). We cannot trust in our own heart, it is too deceitful (Jer 17:9). We cannot trust in our bodily strength. The most brawny arm will utterly fail the assaults of death and sickness. Legs that now stand like pillars of brass will shortly appear what they really are, sinking pillars of moulding clay. We cannot trust in our natural, acquired excellencies, they are altogether vanity. There is nothing outside of us that we might trust either. Trusting in any part of creation is to feed on gravel. We must not trust in the abundance of riches; even in their fullest flow they are most uncertain and will not profit in the day of wrath. Those trusting in riches can never expect a portion in heaven. Sooner the camel will pass through the eye of a needle than the rich through the gate of glory. Also, trusting man is but a broken reed. Man is dust and with death our hopes perish. Ah, but saints can upon stable ground built their trust in God! All that we discover in God will teach us to place the arms of our trust in him alone. Our God is a safe place on which to lean.”

Thomas Lye


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