Sunday Meditation – Heavenly Blessings

“Heaven is our home, though for a time we are on earth and in misery. We should not judge our heavenly Father’s benefits by corporal blessings alone, for often the wicked prosper more in the world than God’s children. Thus, we must lift our minds from earthly to heavenly things. We may see, however, God’s heavenly providence in his earthly provisions. He has blessed me here on earth from my childhood with earthly provisions, yet these do not compare to his care for my soul. Earthly blessings are but a taste of our heavenly blessings. The loss of earthly things teaches us to be more mindful of the permanent things of heaven. I lament that I am so earthly-minded and think so little of my heavenly home. I am so unthankful for God’s providence and fatherly corrections here on earth. Alas! I am altogether a wretch, earthly and unthankful for the corporal benefits of health, riches, friends, fame, and wisdom. I do not appreciate my Father’s heavenly benefits, or Christ Jesus, or the promises of the Spirit, or the gospel, yes, and even glory and heaven itself. I am proud in prosperity and forget God, growing secure and careless. I am impatient under the cross and too often worry about my disappointments. O dear Father, forgive me for my unthankfulness, the love of the world, and contempt of all of your heavenly benefits. Grant me your Holy Spirit to illuminate the eyes of my mind with the light and living knowledge of your presence, power, wisdom, and goodness. Inflame my affections, that I may desire nothing on earth but you, and to be present with you.”

John Bradford


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