Sunday Meditation – The Inward Frame

“A hypocrite makes no conscience of his thoughts, affections, desires, and lusts. He is not concerned about small oaths, or about rotten speech. What belongs to the new creation he does not care about. A true saint is altered in the inward frame of his soul. There is planted a spring of better thoughts, desires, and aims than in other men. He labours more for the inward frame of heart than for his outward carriage. What he is ashamed to do, he is also ashamed to think. Whatever he desires, he desires to do it with love in his heart. He labours that all good may be truly found in the inward man. A hypocrite never cares for this. His care is for the outward parts only. If his outward behavior is acceptable to others, he has his desire. He lives to the view, to the appearance only.”

Richard Sibbes


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