Sunday Meditation – Christ Our Advocate

“In the office of advocate, one man is empowered to plead for another before a judicial court when he had been accused by an enemy. Christ exercises the office of advocate when his child is found guilty before God of some heinous sin in his life and conversion. This is the time for Christ to stand up to plead as for David. Can David’s sin stand with grace? Is it possible that a man that has done as he has, should yet be found a saint, and in a saved state? Can God forgive him and yet be holy and just? Can the merits of the Lord Jesus reach a man in this condition? Here is the case of a man whose salvation, by his foul offenses, was made doubtful. But now let Christ stand up to plead. David was afraid that God would cast him away, and the devil hoped he would. Satan charged him before God’s face that he might get the sentence of damnation to pass upon his soul. But this was David’s mercy, he had an advocate to plead his cause. By Christ’s wisdom and skill he was forgiven those heavy charges that by law of sin and death were due him. This is one of the greatest mysteries under heaven – that an innocent and holy Jesus should take in hand to plead for such an one before a just and righteous God; that he should plead for such an one against Satan’s accusation, and effectually rescue and get him off from his crimes and the curse of which he was truly guilty by the verdict of the law. Satan in his malice is diligently seeking our destruction, and desires to sift us. If he can get us to break out in sinful acts, he may have reason to accuse us before our God and Father. Thus, for our sakes this text abides, that when we have sinned, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.”

John Bunyan


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