Sunday Meditation – Holy Quietness

“A gracious prudent silence under the afflicting hand of God includes a holy quietness and calmness of mind and spirit. It shuts out all inward murmurings of the heart. Such a soul is submissive to God. All passions are allayed, tamed, and subdued. It was a Father that put those bitter cups in your hand. It was love that laid those heavy crosses upon your shoulders, and grace that put the yokes about your neck. When God’s people are under the rod, he makes by his Spirit and word sweet music in their souls, and allays all tumultuous motions and passions. This holy silence humbly acquits God of all blame and injustice. ‘Ah! Lord’, he says, ‘there is not the least degree of injustice in all the afflictions you have brought upon me. I desire to take shame to myself, and to set my seal that you are righteous, and that there is no injustice or cruelty in all that you have brought upon me. I know, O Lord, that your judgments are righteous, and that in faithfulness you have afflicted me’ (Psa. 119:75). God’s judgments are always just. He never afflicts but in faithfulness. His will is the rule of justice, and therefore a gracious soul dares not cavil or question his proceedings. The afflicted soul knows God can do nothing but that which is righteous, and puts his mouth in the dust before him. To silently kiss the rod and the hand that whips with it is the noblest way of clearing the Lord of all injustice. A holy silence shines in no greater way than to humbly clear God from all that which a corrupt heart is apt to charge him with in the day of affliction. God can give nothing, and do nothing, but that which is good.”

Thomas Brooks


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