Sunday Meditation – Farewell Sweet Light

“Sin has a spreading, infectious, deceitful, and bewitching nature. Sin is a child of Satan’s own begetting. It will kiss the soul, yet betray the soul forever. It gives Satan a power over us, and an advantage to accuse us. It bewitches the soul to call evil good, and good evil. A soul bewitched with sin will hold out against God. Let God strike and wound, and cut to the very bone, yet that soul cares not and fears not, but holds on to a course of wickedness. Sin kills secretly, insensibly, and eternally, yet the bewitched soul will not cease from sin. When the physicians told Theotimus that except he abstain from drunkenness he would lose his eyes, he answered, ‘Farewell sweet light’, for he would rather lose his eyes than leave his sin. The story of the Italian, who made his enemy deny God, and then stabbed him, to murder both body and soul, declares the perfect malignity of sin. Stand at a distance from sin!”

Thomas Brooks


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