It’s Time for a Texit

Britain recently voted to withdraw from the European Union because they were fed up with all the laws that were being imposed on them by those who do not share their values. As a proud resident of the state of Texas, I believe it’s time for us to do something similar. In light of the recent Supreme Court rulings on abortion and religious liberty, the president’s abuse of unconstitutional executive orders, forcing transgender ideology on public schools, and an out of control national debt, I believe Texas must declare its independence from a Supreme Court and federal government that have overstepped the authority they have been given in the Constitution. If our nation continues down the path it’s heading, churches and Christian colleges will be persecuted for teaching and practicing what the Bible has to say on marriage and sexuality. With our federal government’s reckless spending, it is inevitable that our nation will eventually default on its national debt leading to the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Hillary Clinton’s election as president is inevitable at this point [Ok, so I was wrong] and she will appoint more than one justice who will continue her agenda of supporting the killing of unborn children and paving over the consciences of Christians. I do not believe we will ever see a conservative majority on the Supreme Court again.

Out of all the states in the union, Texas has the strongest argument for why it should be allowed to become an independent country again. From 1836 to 1845, Texas was an independent nation until it decided to join the union. If Texas voluntarily joined the union, it should be allowed to separate from it. This is the only way Texas will ever be free from the tyranny of Roe v. Wade, ensure the religious freedom of its citizens, and create a safeguard against being dragged down with the rest of the country when our economy goes into recession because of the federal government’s spending problem. Texas does not need the federal government or its money. It has the fastest growing economy in the nation because of our state’s commitment to limited government and business-friendly laws. The United States has the third highest business tax rate in the world at 39%. If Texas were to become an independent nation again, it could significantly lower business taxes which would draw even more companies to Texas. There is more than enough room in Texas for everyone who wants to move here. Why should Texans have to suffer because of our federal government’s out of control spending and taxation?

If we do not declare independence from the Supreme Court, I believe it is simply a matter of time before churches who refuse to perform homosexual weddings will be subject to fines and taxes. The Supreme Court has demonstrated that they do not value religious liberty. The American government that we know today is not the one described in the U.S. Constitution. It has violated the 14th Amendment over and over again by taking the life of the unborn without due process of law. The Supreme Court has taken upon itself the right to make law when its original purpose was only to apply pre-existing laws to individual cases. The power of the presidency has grown beyond anything our founding fathers could have imagined. The president has more power today than King George ever had and taxes have never been higher. The leaders of our state must engage in civil disobedience and refuse to enforce unjust laws that take innocent life. No blood needs to be shed for Texas to declare its independence from the Satanic decisions of the Supreme Court.

Texas has everything to gain and nothing to lose from going independent. It must create its own currency to protect itself from the coming economic collapse our leaders have brought upon us. To protect the life of unborn children, ensure religious liberty, and save ourselves from the bad economic decisions of the liberal leadership of the federal government, Texas must declare its independence. If it does not, we are headed for dark days of economic recession and the judgment of God for partaking in the shedding of innocent blood. What does Texas have to lose by going independent again?


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