Should Christians Vote for Donald Trump?

There’s a running joke about politics that it’s voting between the lesser of two evils. Except in this year’s presidential election, it’s not a joke any more. Both candidates are morally unqualified for the office they seek and in this article I am going to explain why Christians cannot in good conscience support a demagogue like Donald Trump. He is a modern-day Mussolini who seeks to divide our country by appealing to racial prejudice. He looks up to dictators and praises them for their ruthlessness. In fact, Trump has even quoted approvingly from Mussolini in the past.

He is a habitual liar who cannot be trusted to keep his word. He has a penchant for manufacturing historical events to suit his purpose without providing any evidence for his claims. To give one example, he has said that U. S. Soldiers are guilty of embezzling money intended for reconstructing Iraq on more than one occasion. Christians believe that character matters when it comes to leadership. Trump lacks the integrity to command the highest office in the land. He has twice committed adultery and if he will cheat on and lie to his own wife, what is to prevent him from lying to the rest of the country? Trump represents everything evangelicalism is opposed to. He is a man who is characterized by pride and self-centeredness.

Even though he has released a list of conservative justices that he has said he may appoint to the Supreme Court, we have no way of knowing if he will keep his word. He is on record for saying that Planned Parenthood “has done very good work” for millions of women. If Christians in government are relying on the Supreme Court to put an end to abortion, they will be waiting forever. If we want to stop abortion, then state and local governments should pass laws abolishing all acts of abortion and engage in civil disobedience when the federal government tells them they are violating the law. But Christians are held to a higher law when it comes to the sanctity of life and therefore they must break unjust human laws which shed the blood of innocents (Prov 24:11).


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