Sunday Meditation – Weak Saints

“We will not throw away a little gold, because of a great deal of dross that cleaves to it, or a little wheat, because it is mixed with much chaff, and will God? Will God? We do not cast away our garments because of spots, or books because of some blots, or jewels because of some flaws. Will the Lord cast away his dearest ones, because of their spots, blots, and flaws? Surely no! God looks more upon the bright side of the cloud than the dark. God looks upon the pearl, and not the spot in it. Where God sees but a little grace, he does as it were hide his eyes from those circumstances that might seem to deface the gory of it. Ah! Weak Christians are more apt to look upon their infirmities than on their graces, and because their gold is mixed with a great deal of dross, they are ready to throw away all as dross. Well, remember this: the Lord Jesus has as great an interest in the weakest saints as the strongest. He has an interest as a friend, a father, a husband. Yea, though saints are weak, yea, very weak, he cannot but overlook their weaknesses, and keep a fixed eye upon their graces.”

Thomas Brooks


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