Sunday Meditation – God’s Deputy

“Our conscience is a silent reasoning of the mind that approves with delight that which we judge good, and disapproves with grief that which is evil. God has placed this in all men as a tribunal. It pries into all our actions both towards God and man. Everything of duty and sin is the object of the conscience. There is no way to get rid of your conscience. The wicked try to extinguish it. They flatter it with carnal reasoning, bribe it with mock devotions, wound it with heinous provocations and trample it under foot by sinning in spite of it. They run from it, and will not listen to it. They seek to blind it by divisions, yet it is still active. The conscience can stir the heart to see sin, perhaps forty years ago, as if it was yesterday. Even emperors of the world are troubled. Why don’t they shake it off? Is it the fear of men or shame? No! It was a secret sin. They are haunted by the fury of their own consciences. Even the atheist cannot relieve himself of God’s deputy, the conscience. Your conscience is your best friend. There is no greater riches, pleasure, or safety, than a good conscience. Christians, help your conscience to do its work. In weighty matters it will direct you that you do not err. You shall never lack the Spirit’s guidance as you seek to follow his leading. How shall we get a good conscience? Take heed of every sin, and do not count any small. Renew repentance every day, being serious and frequent in heart examination. Live as under God’s eye. All things are bare before him. Be much in secret prayer. Consider every action as a part of your life purpose. Enjoy Christ more and entertain good thoughts of God. Whatever you do, do it out of love for God.”

Samuel Annesley


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