Sunday Meditation – No Good Thing

“The people of God only only lack what is bad for them. God has promised to withhold no good thing. A father who loves his child only keeps things from him for his good, because he loves him. You can conclude that if you lack something of enjoyment, it is withheld since it is not best for you. It is no defect in the love Christ, but a defect in what you are asking for. God’s love is infinite and eternal, without beginning and without end. It has no limits to its endurance. How shall we enter into Christ’s love? Seek to be like him in holiness and obey all his commands. Avoid all that Christ hates and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. When Christ speaks, do not act as if you did not hear. Where there is disobedience, there is a covenant with hell and a league with Satan. O what madness it is to prefer a lust before the love of Christ. Use all means to know his will, and obey it immediately and cheerfully. God loves a cheerful doer.”

David Clarkson


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