Sunday Meditation – Exchanging the Visible for Invisible

“Sense is the light of beasts, reason the light of men, faith the light of saints, and vision the light of glory. The important issues of life can only be discerned by faith. In our immediate experience we cannot see beyond death. Faith must step in and believe in heaven though it is yet unseen. Graceless souls may be sharp concerning their temporal interests, but concerning things of the next world they are stark blind. The whole business of Christianity contradicts sense. We give up the visible for invisible rewards. We do not look at the things that are seen, but unseen.”

“Faith helps unfold the riddles of divine providence and mysteries. Divine providence has two faces: that which is visible and seems to be against us; aye, but there is that which is not seen, and there is love, sweetness and kindness. Sense judges only the outside of God’s dispensations, but faith looks within the veil. There are secret and invisible things that God makes known to waiting souls. True faith can pick love out of God’s angry speeches and draw gracious conclusions from the darkest events.”

Thomas Manton


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