Sunday Meditation – Warfare Against Sin

“When a man sees his lust as a trivial thing, it is an indication that he is not mortified. We cannot go forward unless we recognize the danger of our own hearts. We need to be intimately acquainted with the ways, wiles, methods, advantages, and occasions in which lust has the victory. This is the way that men deal with their enemies. They search out their plans, ponder their goals, and consider how and by what means they have prevailed in the past. Then, they can be defeated. This is a most important strategy. If you do not utilize this great strategy, your warfare is very primitive. We need to know how sin uses occasions, opportunities, and temptations to gain advantage. Search its pleas, pretences, reasonings, strategies, colours and excuses. We need to trace this serpent in all its windings, and to recognize its most secret tricks: ‘This is your usual way and course; I know what you aim at.’ Even when one thinks that a lust is dead because it is quiet, we must labor to give it new wounds and blows every day. The soul in this condition has the upper hand. Sin is under the sword and is dying. Frequent success against any lust strengthens us. When the heart recognizes at any time sin and temptation at work, seducing and forming sinful imaginations to get you to fulfill its lusts, the heart must immediately see it for what it is, bring it to the law of God and love of Christ, condemn it, and follow it to execute it to the uttermost. These weapons will lead to a great degree of success.”

John Owen


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