Sunday Meditation – Our Lasting Happiness

“When we do not trust in God we are trusting in ourselves, and we cannot experience victory in our own strength. We need to trust in God for a constant supply. The reason why God’s children fail so, in times of trouble, is because they do not trust God for new supplies of grace. We cannot perform new duties, and undergo new sufferings, with old graces. Our soul is weak in itself. It needs something to rely upon as a weak plant that needs a support. David was in temptation, afflictions, and discouragements. Satan was tempting, and his corruptions boiling. God had withdrawn his sense of love, leaving David for a while to himself. . . . So God’s children, when they are in trouble, can recover and comfort themselves by trusting and relying on God in their extremities.”

“It is our happiness to seek God. The nearer something is to the principle of something, the better off it is. Nearer to the sun, the more light; nearer the fire, the more heat; nearer to goodness, the more good; nearer to happiness, the more happiness. Therefore it must be the greatest happiness to draw near to God. God is everywhere with his presence, power, and providence, but there is a special gracious presence of God in the hearts of his children. There is a gracious nearness when the Spirit of God sweetly enlarges, comforts, supports, and strengthens his children. Like Mary we should choose the better part. As we love God we desire still further communion with him. We must beg the Spirit to set this upon our souls when other things lead us contrary. Let us labor to be convinced of the excellence of spiritual things.”

Richard Sibbes


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