Sunday Meditation – Soul Satisfaction

“There is no earthly portion which can suit an immortal soul; he is a fool upon record who said, ‘Soul, you have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry,’ Luke 12:18-20. If the man had the soul of a swine, what more could he have said? for those things were more suitable to swine than they were to an immortal soul! Man’s soul is a spiritual and immortal substance, it is capable of union and communion with God; it is capable of a choice enjoyment of God here, and of an eternal fruition of God hereafter.”

“Nothing can suit the soul below God; nor can anything satisfy the soul without God. The soul is so high and so noble a piece, that all the riches of the east and west Indies, nor rocks of diamonds, nor mountains of gold can fill it, or satisfy it, or suit it! When a man is in prison, and condemned to die, if one should come to him, and tell him that there is such a friend or relation that has left him a very fair estate, this would not please him or cause him joy, because it does not suit his present condition.  O but now, let a man bring him his pardon, sealed under his princes’ hand, how will this delight him ad cause him to rejoice! The highest good is that which is the most suited to do good to the soul.  God is thus the most excellent portion suitable to the soul.”

Thomas Brooks


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