Sunday Meditation – No Other Atonement

“In rejecting that way of salvation you reject yourselves. What did Christ die for, if we can be saved in some other way? Why did he pour out his blood if there is a cheaper method to win the skies? Why did he go down into the depths of death-shade, if you can force your way to heaven by your own endeavors without him? No, no: we will stand fast where we now are, resting only and alone upon Jesus Christ our Savior.”

“To me, Christ’s sacrifice is a business transaction as clear and straight as mathematics could make it. I care not that men decry what they call ‘the mercantile theory of the atonement.’ I hold no ‘theory’ of the atonement; I believe that the substitution of Christ for his people is the atonement for their sins; and that there is no other atonement, but that all else is theory. This is to me so clear, so true, so definite, that I can venture to say with Simeon, when I have seen Christ, especially Christ crucified, Christ glorified, ‘Mine eyes have seen thy salvation.'”

Charles Spurgeon


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