Sunday Meditation – Ashamed of the Gospel

“Nothing in Scripture indicates the church should lure people to Christ by presenting Christianity as an attractive option . . . The Church must realize that its mission has never been public relations or sales; we are called to live holy lives and declare God’s raw truth – lovingly but uncompromisingly – to an unbelieving world.”

“That is precisely my concern about today’s pragmatic church-growth strategies. The design is to attract the unchurched. For what? To entertain them? To get them to attend church meetings regularly? Merely ‘churching’ the unchurched accomplishes nothing of eternal value.  Too often, however, that is where the strategy stalls. Or else it’s combined with a watered-down gospel that wrongly assures sinners that a positive ‘decision’ for Christ is as good as true conversion. Multitudes who are not authentic Christians now identify themselves with the church. The church has thus been invaded with the world’s values, the world’s interests, and the world’s citizens.”

John MacArthur


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