Sunday Meditation – Brokenness

“And then, aren’t we to share in the sufferings of the Man of Sorrows?  Were not the sorrows of all who are in pain His also?  What about the pain of sexual desire which cannot find fulfillment?  It is one of the great sufferings of mankind.  So many beautiful souls cannot find a suitable partner; others are sick.  With some, utter poverty or a wrong education is a hindrance.  Many are unhappy because they have not been able to marry, or because they have married the wrong person.  Sexual obession is one the great tragedies of mankind.  Jesus’ heart is open to this suffering also. . . . There is value in sexual suffering through which you pass, my brothers and sisters.  They teach you to understand people, to love them as they are, to do your best to see that there should be sexual justice, in the same way as a Christian has to work to bring about political and economic justice. . . . God will be all in all.  Unfettered, we shall meet Him.  There will be no one who is not in unity with everyone else, and everyone will be like Christ – splendid, radiant, full of virtue and perfection.  Therefore we shall neither marry nor be given in marriage.  These erotic images are only a cheap imitation.  Perhaps they are a dim representation of heaven, when Richards and Georges and Stephens and Helens and Marias and Floricas, in glorified bodies, will live in a spiritual embrace of each other and of God, a life of increasing love in the spirit and in glorified bodies.”

Richard Wurmbrand, “If Prison Walls Could Speak,” 36-37.


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