Outline on The Design Argument for God’s Existence

Here is an outline for a lecture I gave on the design argument at my church. I recommend Walt Brown’s book In The Beginning for further research:

Here is the audio

Distinction Between The Practice of Science Vs. Philosophy of Science

Materialistic Philosophy Disguised As Science

The Law of Biogenesis

Acquired Characteristics Are Not Inherited

Natural Selection Deletes Genetic Information

Mutations Are Almost Always Harmful

Life Is Irreducibly Complex

The Complexity of The Human Eye

The Human Brain

There Are 100 Trillion Cells in Your Body

Lack of Transitional Organs


Language and Speech

The Complexity of DNA

Conservation of Information

Intelligence Necessary for Adding Information

Polystrate Fossils

Fossil Gaps – The Pre-Cambrian Explosion

The Evolutionary Tree Has No Trunk

The Chemical Elements of Life: Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen

Origin of Oxygen in Earth’s Atmosphere

The Problem of Oxidation – Amino Acids

Cannot Link Together If Oxygen Is Present

Did DNA or Proteins Come First? Proteins Come From DNA, DNA Needs The Cell With A Nucleus Which Is Made of Proteins

The Complexity of The Cell

Blood Clotting


Sexual Reproduction

Symbiotic Relationships

The Bacterial Flagellum

Origin of Earth’s Water

Origin of the Moon

First Law of Thermodynamics

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Insects in Resin

Ancient Bacteria


Jurassic Park

Living Fossils – Coelacanths, Trilobites

Arguments Used to Support Evolution:

Vestigial Organs

Haeckel’s Embryos, Recapitulation

Ape Men and Transitional Fossils

The Miller-Urey Experiment

Homology – Circular Reasoning


Peppered Moths

Darwin’s Finches

Four-Winged Fruit Flies

Human-Chimp DNA

Argument From Authority


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