Outline on the Existence of God

Here is an outline for a lecture I gave on evidence for the existence of God at my church:

Here is the audio

Books on Apologetics

What Is Apologetics?

The Biblical Basis: 1 Peter 3:15-16; Jude 3

What Is A Worldview?

Different Worldviews

Understanding Presuppositions

Evidentialism vs. Presuppositionalism

Tailor Your Apologetic

Challenge Their Presuppositions

Reductio Ad Absurdum

Demonstrate Inconsistencies in Their Position

The Law Written on the Heart – Romans 2:15

Appeal to Their Conscience

Kitten in A Wood-Chipper Argument

Rely on The Holy Spirit

Winning Arguments Vs. Changing Hearts

Websites: Carm.org, Aomin.org, Equip.org, Monergism.com, Faithdefenders.com

God’s Existence Is Instinctively Known

The Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas:

  1. Cosmological Argument – Cause
  1. Teleological Argument – Design
  1. Unmoved Mover – Movement
  1. God Is Necessary – Contingency
  1. Gradation In All Things – Perfection

The Problem with The Five Ways – Anthony Flew’s Deism

Ontological Argument – Conception of God

Transcendental Argument – Precondition for Knowledge, Laws of Logic, Morality, Ethics, Conscience, Human Dignity (Bahnsen-Stein Debate)

Atheism is Parasitic of Christianity

Pascal’s Wager

The Impossibility of Disproving God’s Existence – Requires Omniscience

The Existence of Guilt and Regret

Atheism Requires Faith

Atheists Use God’s Name All The Time

The Universality of Religion

The Christian’s Joy in The Midst of Suffering

The Fruit of Atheistic Regimes

The Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

Atheism As A City-Dweller’s Religion

Christianity Satisfies Man’s Needs

Proof from Answered Prayer – George Muller

The Existence of Evil and Demonic Influence

The Love That Exists in The Church

The Need to Repress Religion in Communism

Silencing The Voice of Conscience

You Can’t Hate Something That Doesn’t Exist

Logical Positivism Is Self-Contradictory

Belief In Materialism or Naturalism Is Not Material But Metaphysical

You Can’t Live in A World Without Absolutes

In Atheism, Morality Is Relative, Subjective, Cultural, and Derived From Government

How Can We Trust Our Own Minds If They Are The Result of Irrational Causes?

Nothing Comes From Nothing

Order From Chaos, Life From Nonlife, Reason From Irrationality, Personality From Nonpersonality, Morality From Amorality

Materialists Live Inconsistently – Love, Relationships, Respect, Beauty, Logic, Dignity, Freedom

God As The Universal Reference Point – Good vs. Evil.

How Do You Know Something Is Wrong? – Arthur Alan Leff

Our Testimony of Salvation

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